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Remembering King of Pop Michael Jackson

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Today marks the fifth anniversary of Michael Jackson's untimely death.

From his days in The Jackson 5 to his recently released posthumous album Xscape, the King of Pop's artistry and music still thrive on today, creating a legacy to last a lifetime.

Let's remember the legendary musician with a few of his biggest hits which took him all the way to music royalty. And for more of Michael's timeless music, tune in to 24/7 MJ Radio on iHeartRadio.


The song was one of Michael's biggest hits and served as the seventh single from his album of the same name - oddly enough the tune was originally titled "Starlight." The music video is one of the most iconic at 14-minutes long. The video/short film is known as "Michael Jackson's Thriller" and was the first music video selected to be added to the National Film Registry by the Library of Congress.

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