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REVIEW: Getaway

REVIEW: Getaway

So we begin and end the summer of 2013 with car chasers.  “Fast and Furious Six”   kicked off the Memorial Day  weekend and we  close out the summer with “Getway” for Labor Day weekend.  “FF6” was a pleasant surprise.  The best I can say about “Getaway” is it was intense. But boringly so. It was just one long car chase. Nothing more.  It made 97 minutes feel twice as longs.

Ethan Hawke plays a burned out ex-race car driver who finds himself in a do-or-die when his beloved wife is kidnapped. His only hope to keep her alive is to follow every order of  a mystery heavily-accented  voice on the other end of the cellphone.  Jon Voight literally calls it in .  So where does Selena Gomez come in?  It turns out it’s her  stolen  car  used for all the action.

This is just one long monotonous loop . It’s draw which is worse:  “Getaway” or Ethan Hawke’s “Total Recall” remake last year. Ethan Hawke did have one tremendous film over the last  year: “Before Midnight” was superb.  But  this weekend, do what the title of Hawke’s latest says: GETAWAY.

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